Logbook Servicing

When buying a new vehicle, the warranty that comes with it gives the owner a certain amount of protection against unexpected faults and expenses that go back to the vehicle’s original manufacture. Under a warranty, repairs and servicing to solve these issues are paid for by the manufacturer, not the owner. To keep the warranty in place for as long as possible, it’s expected that your vehicle is regularly serviced by a reputable mechanic.

We offer logbook servicing for all makes and models of petrol, electric and hybrid powered vehicles, giving you advance warning of any developing problems with your vehicle while also ensuring you drive away with the confidence that comes with an intact warranty.

Roadworthy Inspections

Before selling, trading or otherwise transferring ownership of your vehicle to someone else, it’s required that your vehicle be deemed roadworthy by VicRoads. This is done by having your vehicle undergo a roadworthy inspection at a VicRoads licensed vehicle tester.

We can conduct roadworthy inspections on all makes and models of light vehicles.

Brake Repairs

Your brakes are arguably your vehicle’s most important safety feature. It’s also the area of your vehicle most susceptible to wear and tear, often making regular checks of your vehicle’s brakes the difference between a sudden emergency stop and an expensive trip to the panel beaters.

We provide a broad range of services for your brake systems, from replacement brake pads, rotors and drums to thorough checks of your vehicle’s brake pedal and hydraulics, all to make sure your brakes are in proper working order. We can also restore the surface of your existing brake discs, ensuring you get the most value for money possible.

Steering & Suspension

Issues with your steering and suspension can affect the way your vehicle handles on the road, from sluggish unresponsive steering to body roll in corners and other ride comfort issues.

We can provide replacement car springs, shock absorbers and bushes for your suspension system, as well as repairs for your power steering system to get your vehicle tracking straight and true again. We can also handle wheel balancing and alignment.

Clutch & Transmission

Your vehicle’s transmission is a piece of precision engineering, and any faults with it can quickly escalate into expensive repairs if not found and treated early. Left unchecked, faults in your transmission can interfere with your vehicle’s ability to change gear or stay in gear, even preventing your vehicle from getting started at all.

We offer a comprehensive range of servicing and repairs for your vehicle’s manual or automatic transmission, from complex repairs to fluid changes and other basic servicing. We can also check your vehicle’s differential, ensuring optimal grip on the road going around corners, and your CV joints, which manage the transfer of power from your axle to the wheels.

Engine Repairs

The engine is the beating heart of your vehicle. Issues here can greatly hamper your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency.

We can offer customers engine testing, rebuilding and reconditioning, as well as repairs for your vehicle’s engine block, camshaft and cylinder heads. We can also conduct EFI diagnostics, to regulate the delivery of fuel to your engine.

Radiators & Cooling

A problem with your vehicle’s cooling system can quickly compromise your engine, leading to a catastrophic breakdown that will take you and your vehicle off the road. If you suspect that your engine is overheating, we suggest you pull over immediately and get in touch with our team about your vehicle’s cooling system.

We can replace your vehicle’s faulty radiator or heater unit, as well as service, repair or replace your vehicle’s head gasket or thermostat. We can also conduct coolant flushes to help remove anything that might be interfering with your cooling system from the inside.

Air Conditioning

Driving in Australia through the warmer months can be made much less comfortable without a working air conditioning system. Contrary to popular belief, your air con system will suffer its most wear and tear in winter, where cold weather leads to cracking in the system’s hoses, letting the refrigerants that fuel your air con system leak away.

We can repair your vehicle’s air conditioning system with replacement hoses, seals and air conditioner units, as well as re-gas your system with refrigerants in accordance with ARC regulations.

Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

With vehicles’ electronics becoming more and more complex and sophisticated with later model vehicles, only the most dedicated auto electricians have what it takes to keep pace with the ever-changing state of vehicles’ electrical needs.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest in diagnostic scanning tools, allowing us to narrow down the cause of vehicle faults more quickly and get you back on the road sooner. We can also provide testing and replacement of your vehicle’s battery, alternator and starter motor, as well as install a range of stereo, lighting and other vehicle accessories.

Other Services

We offer a range of additional services, including:

  • third-party supply and fitting of tyres for passenger cars and 4x4s
  • third-party windscreen replacement
  • coordination with local towing services
  • replacement of exhausts
  • and much more